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fikir 01, Melis Baloğlu

“experience oN//No man’s land”

Melis Baloğlu

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi

Bitirme Projesi


experience oN//No man’s land, Melis Baloğlu, daha fazlası için, http://www.archiprix.org/2013/index.php?project=3146

Description: Streets are not just empty areas in a town which are simply leftovers beside buildings, or random places that you can walk on by. They contain all kind of activities, like standing, thinking, resting, singing, playing, in short everything which increases the quality of life and they are the arteries, which feed the city and its environment. For the equality of individuals, the activities happening in the streets should not be physically hindered by private properties. The Susuz Dede Park project is stonewalled by private properties; despite its position in a seaside city, no sea scent can reach the park and its height difference hinders access to the park, for these reasons the idea of equality is still far away.

That is why the design decision supports the free existence of activity locations in places where the ground connection continues. The reason of existence of every activity space, roads and micro scale squares to be realized at the ground, we step on, must begin with improving the housing in the environment. Every living unit –room-, formed according the new system, should be the ideal place for the realizing activity. Being the ideal place means it should offer the facilities to the realizing activity within, which are appropriate for this activity. Appropriateness, just like possible relativity with material at the location, could be defined as forming of dark and light, positioning in trees or like leaving a depression at clear weather.

The reason for being the activity of these experiences lived in units which are defined as ideal, being unique and personal, separates the home from housing. To create these conditions, the house – reaching activity centers with different qualifications outside- acts as an entry point, a threshold, a filter, a reading space or painting space completes the quality of home.

Melis Baloğlu


fikir 02, Deniz Mutlu


Deniz Mutlu

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi

Bitirme Projesi

Photo01_dmutlu_2012 copy

Canyon, Deniz Mutlu


The metaphorical understanding is the basis of the formal analysis and understanding of the project. Along with the process, it is deduced that the nature of the canyon serves a solution to the necessities and problems of the site- an urban void surrounded by 6-7 floor buildings on the east and a high topography difference on the west- not only as a building structure but as a component of urban context. The form works as a bridge connecting seaside with the park and the street.

Isolated/disconnected ?

The site houses challenging issues primarily with its 5 floor topography difference on the west. The level difference causes the site to become an isolated/disconnected space when the site and its neighboring are considered in city scale. It is surrounded by a park which has great potential both historically and environmentally. Neither Güzelyalı nor Göztepe site has that considerable size of recreational area; however the accessibility both to void and Susuz Dede Park is so loose that these areas become spaces that are quite lonely. The sensual experience along with the analysis done with the existing structure of the site, made the design to focus on solving the urban problems, topography: social and physical accessibility.

The mentioned physical, tangible difficulties trigger the power of creating a utopia. The feeling of the narrow streets, the introverted and compressed nature of the site, the circular pathway the visitor has to pass in order to achieve to the interior part of the park… The sensual experience perceived on the site is an extensive part of the design process.


The urban void is restrained with both artificial and natural borders. These borders not only affect the accessibility but also form the compressed nature of the space. Psychologically, the compression creates the uncomfortable feeling sensed on the site. With the psychological resemblance of the borders, the example is compared with the natural structure: canyon. Canyon is an influential practice with which the person also sense the compressed feeling; not in a depressive manner, but more of a unique and discrete sensation. The project questions and at the same time believes (this is how utopia works; on one hand you question on another you believe in it) the comprised nature of canyon; the qualities of light, mass and volume.


fikir 03, Hazal Çiçek

Neo-local Seeds

Hazal Çiçek

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi

Bitirme Projesi

Neo-local Seeds, Hazal Çiçek

The concept of public space is nurtured and fed by housing around it. The developing times and individualism issues will end the understanding for public space in the future. When this case is taken into account about the idealized housing; an overlap is created by the integration of public and individual spaces, which will meet the needs of the persons’ in a half-public space. ‘Neo-local Seeds’ removes the attachment of a person from a single unit of housing and idealizes living space. The perfection is achieved by meeting the prerequisites for natural/topographical needs with ‘Neo-local Seeds’.


fikir 04, Nazlı Kök


Nazlı Kök

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi

Bitirme Projesi


SOUNDcumulus, Nazlı Kök


SOUNDcumulus, Nazlı Kök

Günümüzde birbirine zıt iki farklı alan ve zamanları kullanan ev ve iş hayatı, benim ütopyamda bundan belki yüz yıllar belki de bir kaç yıl sonra, birlikte yaşayan ve gelişen mekanları paylaşacaklar. ve birbirinden farklı aktiviteleri ve gereksinimleri içeren bu iki durum belki aynı çatı altında belki de değil, ama iki farklı etkiyle duvarları şekillendirecek, ortak ve zıt noktalar yaratacaktır. ”Bir yerin nasıl olması gerektiğini, en iyi oranın kendisi söyler” işte bu yüzden bu projeyi diğer projelerden farklı kılan; arazinin sesine kulak verilerek yapılmasıdır. Özel ve kamusal alanların en uygun dengede birleştiği mekanlar her eğimin her manzaranın her sesin farklı özellik ve ihtiyaçlarına göre tasarlanmıştır.

Nowadays the areas used for private and business life, which completely conflict in time and place, will be shared in my utopia with living and developing spaces, and this may come true in thousand years or a few. (And) these two spaces that include different private activities and needs, whether under the same roof or not, will form the walls in a different effect, which will create common and opposite points. “The answer how a place should be, can only be answered by the space itself”; therefore, what makes this project unique is that the project is created by lending an ear to the voice of that area. The locations, combined with the most appropriate balance of private and public spaces, are designed for any kind of slope, panorama, or sound of the environment.


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