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As to people who are interested in Team 10, Team 10 might ask a few serious questions: ‘Why do you wish to know?’ ‘What will you do with your knowledge?’ ‘Will it help you regenerate the language of Modern Architecture so that it would again be worth inheriting?’

Alison Smithson in: Team 10 Meetings, 1991

The name of Team 10 originates from 1954 when a committee of four younger CIAM members is given the task to prepare the tenth CIAM congress, which is ultimately held at Dubrovnik in 1956. The official name of the committee was CIAM X Committee, also addressed to as CIAX. The original four members were Jaap Bakema, Georges Candilis, Rolf Gutmann and Peter Smithson.
The first mention of Team 10 is shortly before a meeting with Le Corbusier and the CIAM X Advisory Group, 14 September 1954, in Paris. In a letter by Candilis and a document of CIAM Alger, the CIAM X Committee is referred to as ‘Equipe X’, and ‘Team X’. Although never officially decided or announced, from then onward Team 10 is adopted as the name of the group of active younger members.
There is no official spelling of the group’s name: Team 10 and Team X are used throughout; Team Ten is mostly used by French historians writing about the group.
We have chosen to use Team 10 following the most important publications on and by the group as edited by Alison Smithson.

the logo for this website originated from the sketch ‘Play Brubeck’ by Peter Smithson. It was published in Team 10 Primer with the following caption:
“Ideogram of net of human relations. P.D.S.
A constellation with different values of different parts in an immensely complicated web crossing and recrossing. Brubeck! a pattern can emerge.”

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