“There will not be no place (utopia), dedicated to living happily ever after.”

U-SENSUS, Şebnem Çakaloğulları link : http://kolokyum.com/yazi/6022/mansiyon__uluslararasi_mimarlar_birligi_utopya_mutluluk_ve_hayaller_uluslararasi_mimari_fikir_yarismasi#more

U-SENSUS, Şebnem Çakaloğulları


Gebze Institute of Technology Department of Architecture
Res. Asisst. Şebnem Çakaloğulları, Gizem Aslan (student), Furkan Koçoğulları (student) got Jury Special Mention from UIA International Architecture Competition of Ideas: Utopia and/or Happiness in Your Otherwhere with the project named “U-SENSUS”.

Here you can read the manifest of U-SENSUS from the winners (congratulations my friend , Şebnem 🙂 )

 There will not be no place (utopia), dedicated to living happily ever after.

There will be a place but no sense (u-sensus) which is dedicated to denying all the sensual affirmations and categorizations.

This new perspective for manifesting the cut and dry concept cracks the rigid covers of geocentricfuture projections, deduced from today. We are in the era where the humanity is lost its self being as a consequence of structure centered living. There is no place for the mind, body, experience. Please be aware of sense of being full, which is caused by the completion of the sensual percept that brings the end. “END IS SO NEAR”.

I see we are suffering from this disease being done without knowing any reason and solution or cure. That is why this is not an evolution of the built environment or buildings for making individual happy, on the contrary this will be explosion of the human as an individual mass and it turns back very ancient sensual acts.

The world needs feedbacks, this is the time and there should be no hesitation and affirmations. Although having lifelong happiness is apodictically intended foreseen for the utopian thinking, this explicit incarceration breaks the continuity in satisfaction. Because the long term happiness brings the communal affirmations and penetrations in our experience memory. This fragile point is defined as randomness and bathos. For being able to percept variety in the sense, it is needed to be kept the contradistinction circumstances for feeling depletion. We propose that the troubles, crisis and any other misunderstanding bring back to thinking, sensing and inherently waken the body of the human as a recipient. Individualization, ideal, completed are notions that give the sense of linear limitation without setting self-being thinking about the human existence beyond its materiality. And it is ended with the loss of sensorial properties so

It needs change…,

  It needs action…,

  It needs explosion

“I am hungry and I need to be fed” said the person who is looking for the unlimited happiness. There is no certain explanation of the happiness my friend. You should feed yourself with different sense via tasting with your senses. Happiness is just one feeling as a result of satisfaction. That is why pursuing it and looking for the certain direction for the endower of happiness is absurd. Satisfaction is better and suspense term instead of happiness. Satisfaction feature many things including happiness too. It depends on the sensual act of person, people, communities or groups. This is the key point, manifests the general understanding, in our future projection. Each being, lives in the u-sensus, creates their satisfactory conditions by using their distinctive sense in the explosive process which is shaped by the flexible, transformable, interactive, contradistinction and circumstances.

At that time revelation of self-beings derive from the dreams in u-sensus as a future projection. From now to u sensus!

The phases are;

U-sensus Eve: This is the process that shows the increased distance between spaces I live (SIL) and space I dream (SID) is increased. U-sensus sets direct relation between quality of the space and mental distance among SIL-SID. If it is increased hegemony of materiality gradually disappears. Self-beings are in SID where the senses are used in maximum level.

The Life in U-sensus: after it gradually increases the graphic is reached its peak point and u sensus is the place for living in a dream (LID).

Space I Live will be turned Living In a Dream via limitless sensory acts and vice versa.

Link to project: http://kolokyum.com/yazi/6022/mansiyon__uluslararasi_mimarlar_birligi_utopya_mutluluk_ve_hayaller_uluslararasi_mimari_fikir_yarismasi#more



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